Free Webinar by Alexunder Hess

5 Steps to Become a Pro in Typography 

A free webinar for UX/UI designers and those who want to become one. Learn how to work with typography for web and mobile like a Pro in 5 steps!

After this webinar, you'll have a clear structure on how to design any digital project. 


Sep 21st at 11:00am EST 

4pm London • 6pm Moscow • 8:30pm Mumbai • 8am Los Angeles

    The webinar is for you if:


    You're a student / freelancer / full-time UX/UI designer

    You'll understand the importance of typography in the design process and how to design professional-looking websites using typography.


    You're a Graphic designer

    You'll understand how to make the transition to UX/UI design and why learning typography is the best way to do it.


    You're an experienced designer

    You'll finally get a clear structure, overcome your impostor syndrome and understand the techniques that make your designs even more powerful.


    You're a Content Creator

    You'll understand how to make designs of your posts better, how to work with typography like a Pro to impress your followers or clients.

    Your results after this free webinar:

    Typography webinar by Alexunder Hess. 5 steps to become a Pro in Typography
    • You'll get 5 clear steps on how to design any project and make it look professional using typography as the main element
    • You'll understand the role of typography in UX/UI design (it’s much bigger than you think!)
    • You'll understand how to design a typography-based website worth $500,000
    • You'll see the typography techniques huge companies like Apple, Google and others use to persuade people to buy their products and services. And how you can use these techniques too. 
    • You'll understand the psychology of typography so that you can create high-converting websites your clients will be happy to pay $$$ for
    • You’ll know how the knowledge of typography will make your designs look professional and will make you more confident in UX/UI design
    Moreover, you'll get a clear structure on where to start in UX/UI design!
    Typography Masters Course for UX/UI Designers by Alexunder Hess
    Plus a special announcement

    I'll announce the opening of the Typography Masters™ course with a special price for participants of the webinar.

    You don’t want to miss it!

    Author of the webinar

    Alexunder Hess

    • UX/UI Design Expert, Blogger & Mentor

    • Founder of the AH Design Academy with 1000+ students

    • Students from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Discovery and other huge companies have finished my programs

    • 11+ years of experience in Design & Marketing

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