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Level Up Your Motion UI Design Game

Motion UI Design
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Learn the most powerful prototyping tool in just 3 hours and start creating wow-looking websites and mobile apps prototypes to shock your clients and colleagues!

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to...
  • Create website prototypes that look like real websites so you could shock your clients;
  • Create Apple-style landing pages with animations, moving sections and all the magic of the incredible website;
  • Create mobile apps prototypes that look like real apps so you could use them for user testing, ideas validation for your portfolio and social media accounts;
  • Impress employers with your skills and amazing works by showing them that you can do more than the design of static images, you can design products!

"Phenomenal! I feel like I took a semester worth of concepts in one go."

— Hana Stanojkovic

What you'll learn

If you want to get more clients or better clients, get a job or a better job, there should be a difference between you and all other designers on the market.


"It was amazing! There are a handful of UX classes out there but this is the first that really focused on how to create those designs that we always see but can never seem to figure out."

— Neha Saboo

This masterclass is for:

UX/UI Designers of all levels

Learn how to create micro-interaction, transitions, powerful prototypes and present your designs like a professional

Graphic Designers of all levels

Learn how to animate logos, posters, banners, typography and other works to level-up your portfolio

A tremendous value you will get after this masterclass

You'll learn:

  • What is Motion UI design and why every UX/UI designer should know it if they want to get to the next level;
  • The difference between Motion UI design and Motion design so you understand that Motion UI is easy to learn;
  • What Motion UI design doesn't exist without. The very first thing you need to know before animating anything;
  • The purpose of animations and prototyping, so you know how to pitch your works and sell them;
  • Types of Motion UI design & triggers;
  • How to train your prototyping and motion design skills, so you will never get stuck;
  • What can be animated and how to avoid mistakes. Some tools have their limits, you will know them;
  • How to use masks in motion UI design to create mind-blowing animations and prototypes;
  • How to animate logos, mobile apps, websites, create POWERFULL prototypes and MINDBLOWING presentations;
  • Top mistakes people make with motion and ruin their designs;
  • BEST practices and examples of great works;
  • Developers hand-off. How to explain your works to developers;
  • List of websites and resources for your inspiration and to boost your skills in animations and prototyping. 

"It was great. I have learned amazing things, thank you so much for this great class for this great price."

— Kevin Herbert


"It was awesome. I enjoy the way you explain the things because you make them seem easier than we though they are. In my case, I just finished to see the video because of my work, so it is great to have the possibility to watch it later in your platform."

— Miguel Ramirez

How it works

1. Join the masterclass
2. You will get access to the platform with videos
3. Watch them at your own pace
4. Apply the knowledge and bring life to your designs.


"Scintillating, Vibrant Classes. It has given me lots of insights to work with Figma to upgrade my skills, Truly I have no words to speak ....Alex is one the best in design and it remains eternal."

— Sai Rathan

Don't be afraid to expand your skillset and become confident in your knowledge. I break down complex things into small pieces and explain even hard things the easy way.

Want to grow as a designer? Take the masterclass and jump to the next level.