Actionable video masterclass

Landing Your Dream Job in UX/UI Design: 12 Proven Steps

A video masterclass full of proven and easy-to-follow secrets if you want to land a UX/UI design job within a month + CV template + Bonuses


"Alex, I wanted to thank you!!! After your tips for job interviews I got 2(!) job offers, and I ended up landing a job that is $75k which for me as a junior UI/UX designer is just mind-blowing 🤪"

Kateryna Turchyna UX/UI Designer

Kateryna Turchyna

UX/UI Designer

"How to get a job in UX/UI design" video masterclass

5 hours of pure value

How to get a job in UX/UI design masterclass Video 1 - Preparation steps

Video 1

Prepare your mindset to finally land the job of your dream
How to get a job in UXUI design masterclass Video 2 - Hiring process - Funnel

Video 2

Understand the funnel that will bring you to your goal
How to get a job in UXUI design masterclass Video 3 - Hiring process - Design thinking to get a job

Video 3

You're a UX/UI designer, use design thinking to get a job
How to get a job in UXUI design masterclass Video 4 - Hiring process - How to make a CV

Video 4

Special tips for your CV, you will impress them
How to get a job in UXUI design masterclass Video 5 - Hiring process - How to build a Portfolio, prepare for an Interview and what to do if you are rejected-hired

Video 5

Tips for a Portfolio that stands out, you'll make it!
How to get a job in UXUI design masterclass Video 6 - Homework + Q&A

Video 6

Finish THIS homework and land the job of your dream!

"You deserve to land your dream job and become a successful UX/UI Designer.

Your design decision can solve the problems of millions of people one day."

Alexunder Hess
CCO at MarketingSyrup Digital Inc, Design Mentor


"The masterclass was great! It delivered more than it promised it would.

The whole structure and the breakdown of the process in little chunks were easy to follow and overall there were NUMEROUS amazing insights.

The masterclass was a confidence booster even for people without experience or belief in their skills, which to me is mind-blowing.

Alex has great storytelling skills overall and his masterclasses are never boring even though they last 4-5 hours.

Alex's masterclasses have some elements of life coaching sessions (this one especially), so I was very positively charged afterwards!"

Neda Valcheva

Neda Valcheva

BPO Advisor at TikTok

This masterclass is for

Senior, Mid and Junior UX/UI Designers

Who want to learn how to get their next or first job by following simple steps

Graphic Designers

Who want transition to UX/UI and get their first job in this field


Who are tired of freelance and want to have consistent and predictable income


Who moved to another country and looking for a UX/UI design job

Developers, Managers looking for a job in UX/UI

If you are a Developer, Manager, Teacher, QA specialist, Accountant, Cashier or working in any other role, in this masterclass, you'll find answers on what to do to get a job in UX/UI design

how to write content for UX/UI design portfolio

Write content for your portfolio and case studies like a Pro

One of the hardest things for us, creatives, is to write a good copy for our portfolio.

In this masterclass, you'll learn how to train your copywriting skills specifically for UX/UI design portfolio, how to structure your case study content, and what to write in each section of your page.

How to structure and write a winning resume/CV

The first step in the hiring process is a CV review. If your CV doesn't reflect the needs of a company, you won't be invited to the following stages of the hiring process.

Learn the perfect resume structure, skills, education and experience to include to become accepted.

This masterclass is for you if

If you feel stuck, afraid to apply for a job and don't know where to start

If you're tired of freelance and want to have a consistent and predictable income each month

If you're tired of your current job but afraid to find a new one because you're not sure you can make it

If you want to get your first job and start paying for your needs yourself or help your parents

If you want to have a better work-life balance and work 9am–5pm instead of 8am–10pm

If you want to work with other great designers, learn from them, collaborate with them

If you want to work on Design instead of other things that drain your energy (searching for clients, accounting, sales, discovery calls, contracts)

If you want to grow in your career from a Junior Designer to Head of Design, for example, instead of being a Freelancer all your life

If you want to understand the difference between a freelance and a full-time job and choose what works best for you

If you want to get a job in UX/UI design and become successful in this industry

If you want to get a job without stress, feel confident in your skills and if you want to have a clear plan and know what to do.


"Before: Lack of clarity, low confidence in my potential, unclear understanding of industry requirements and process.

After: I'm a current junior product designer and although I believe my skills are solid and I have many strengths that will help me to excel in my next role, that imposter syndrome always seems to creep up when I'm gearing up to move to the next level.

Alex broke down how to overcome that and get into the mindset that you are already at that next level and to pair that mindset with rigorous study to help convince yourself. Additionally, now I have a super clear guideline of requirements to check off before I start applying to jobs and I'll feel way more confident and comfortable that I've done everything in my power to give myself the best shot possible at getting that next job.

I would highly recommend this masterclass to people transitioning into UX/UI or junior designers like myself specifically. Although this class would help sharpen someone of any level, the people who would take away the most value would be those who are just starting and lack a sense of direction or a game plan."

Todd McCauley Product designer

Todd McCauley

Product Designer


All you need is a clear step-by-step plan

If the hiring process scares you or you feel that you procrastinate and don't know where to start to get a job, all you need is a clear step-by-step plan.

And you'll get this plan in this masterclass.

In this masterclass
  • What you have to know to land a job in UX/UI
  • How to become confident in your skills
  • What can differentiate you from other candidates (to put you in a higher position)
  • How to define your niche and strengths
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to write a perfect CV to land more interviews
  • What Soft and Hard skills you should have
  • Why you shouldn't write "a Junior UX/UI designer" in your CV even if you want to apply for this position
  • How to feel confident on a Phone Screen interview
  • What is the best platform for your portfolio
  • How to build your portfolio really fast
  • What is the best layout for your portfolio
  • What to do if you don't have real projects
  • Do you need a PDF portfolio
  • How to get a real UX/UI design experience
  • How to be prepared for an interview (what to take, show, answer)
  • What questions to ask your interviewer to avoid problems in the future
  • How to overcome your money blocks and understand what salary to ask
  • How to start working in a new company without fear and stress
  • How to finally land a job in UX/UI design


Get a clear step-by-step plan on what to do to get a job in UX/UI design?

Understand your niche and strengths?

Create a perfect CV that will attract more companies to you?

Understand what soft and hard skills you need to become a successful designer?

Get everything to successfully path a phone screen interview?

Finally, create and publish your portfolio?

Learn how to write content for your portfolio and case studies?

Understand what to do and how to present your works and yourself in the interview?

Get mindset tips to help you overcome your fear of rejection (and the fear of success)?

Become confident in your skills and get ready to land your dream job?

What you'll get

"How to get a job in UX/UI design" video masterclass (lifetime access)

5 fantastic bonuses that will save you time

CV templates, the template to create your list of companies to work at, the best UX/UI design portfolios examples, a case study template, the list of Soft and Hard skills for a UX/UI designer (Premium and VIP packages)

A review of your CV and portfolio + VIP consultation

Available with the VIP package

The masterclass is full of valuable and helpful information, take notes to get the maximum.


Get a Job in UX/UI Design

Masterclass + Bonuses

$139 $69

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  • Access to the "How to get a job in UX/UI" Live masterclass

  • All the following lessons and tips

  • What you have to know to be hired

  • How to write your CV the right way

  • What should be in your CV if you don't want to be rejected

  • How to get 1 year of experience in 1 minute

  • Hard skills / Soft skills. How not to make a mistake

  • How to be prepared for a phone screen interview

  • What should be in your portfolio, formats and how to create one

  • How to present your works and case studies in your portfolio

  • How to be prepared for an interview

  • How to present your design works during the interview

  • What else to tell and how to feel confident during the interview

  • What questions to ask the interviewer

  • You're rejected/hired/didn't get the answer. What to do now?

  • First 2 months in a new company. How to work without stress

  • A handy platform with a personal account

  • Lifetime access to the masterclass

  • The following bonuses

  • Bonus: How to create a list of the companies (template)

  • Bonus: The list of Hard and Soft skills for a UX/UI designer

  • Bonus: CV/resume template

Author of the class, Alex Hess

  • A designer with over 12 years of hands-on experience in designing websites, apps and other digital products

  • Helped many designers land the job of their dream

  • Career path: freelancer -> full-time Jr. UX/UI designer -> full-time Sr UX/UI designer -> full-time Product Design Team Lead -> Business owner, consultant, educator

  • After the consultations with me, my students made $200,000+ by launching their digital products

  • Founder of the AH Design Academy with 1000+ students

  • Creator of 14 unique masterclasses and courses

  • Helped one of my clients make $500K with a typography-based website

  • Designed SEO Pro Chrome extension for SEO specialists

  • Designed a heavy-data mobile app with 3+ mln users (Wargaming)

  • Worked with the biggest car soft providers (Ford, SiriusXM), leath and fitness companies (GoodLife Fitness), banks (CIBC) and media companies (NBC,, iHeartRadio) and designed infotainment systems and TV apps for millions of users