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The Power & Psychology of UI Grids and Layouts for Websites and Mobile apps

Learn how to create professional layouts for websites, mobile apps, Instagram carousels, and other digital products using Grids.

+ for eCommerce, marketing websites, web apps and dashboards, desktop, tablet, and mobile versions, for simple one/two-column and complex 7-column mobile apps

+ Psychology, Marketing, and Design Process secrets

+ Instagram posts & carousels grids & layouts

+ How to find inspiration for your stunning works all around you

Grids are one of the most effective design tools that will forever change the way you design websites and mobile apps.
Grids and Layouts for UX-UI designers, Websites and Mobile apps
Grids & Layouts for Websites & Mobile apps Masterclass

Full masterclass + Lifetime access


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This class is not only about Grids & Layouts

it's about the Psychology of UI and how to make your works look professional, make your life much easier, save you time, give the feeling of a high-quality product, and help you charge more for your work and get visible.


"Grids are maybe the thing I struggled to understand the most in design, how to apply different types of grids into your design etc.

The masterclass was simply amazing and kept me excited about learning. Everything was so well put together, and it was even better explained. It helped a lot with understanding how to calculate, what's the purpose and how to apply girds to, basically anything you're designing.

The whole masterclass held so much value in every word, that should be charged even more."


Katarina Casic

UX/UI Designer

In this masterclass you'll learn

  • Benefits of using Grids for websites and mobile apps
  • How you used Grids when you were a child
  • How to create professional-looking websites and mobile apps Layouts with Grids
  • Psychology of a Great Layout
  • How to understand what Grid to use and how to create it
  • Universal Grids for Websites (desktop, tablet, mobile), mobile apps, Instagram carousels and posts
  • Examples of different types of Grids and Layouts
  • Why and where you don't need to use 12-column and 8px Grids
  • Breaking the rules: How to create a custom Grid for your specific project
  • How Gestalt principles define the Layout and why you need to know about it before you start designing anything
  • Practice: combining the knowledge (Gestalt, Grids, Layouts)
  • Practice: let's create Grids and layout for a website (+some tricks and secrets, hint: we will be using Math)
  • Practice: let's create a Grid for a mobile app (tab bars, filters, buttons, content + layout accessibility secret from my experience)
  • Practice: let's create a web app with a dashboard (say "No!" to a 12-col Grid, we will create something mindblowing + animation)
  • Q&A: Grids for Modal screens (how many columns?)
  • Q&A: Grids for Navigation (on or off the grid?)
  • Q&A: Grids and Buttons (should the button be the size of columns?)
  • Q&A: 3-,5-,7-col Grids in mobile apps (where to use and for what)
  • Q&A: Left and Right direction Grid (where to use?)
  • Q&A: Grids and Layouts without Grids (Wow!)
  • Q&A: Simple ugly Layout for a high converting website (marketing tip)
  • Q&A: Simple beautiful Layout for a high converting website (design tip)
  • Q&A: How to define what Grid a website uses
  • Q&A: How to use a Grid calculator I created for you
  • Q&A: Should you use a 4px grid for a mobile app?
  • Q&A: Is it possible to use Grids with 0px margin, gutter or column width? If yes, where.
  • + Special lesson: Grids for Instagram posts and carousels (rules & problems to avoid)
  • + the Math behind Complex Grids

+ Answers to lots of questions during the Q&A session.


"Excited! Overwhelmed! Positive! Enthusiastic! Ready! (Overwhelmed, mostly because this was A LOT, but in a GOOD way! A LOT of great insight that will take time to learn and utilize and improve on. But I'm ready!)"

Elva Björk

Elva Björk

Director of UX Design


"The masterclass had an amazing amount of information and value and honestly I have learned a lot about complicated advanced stuff which would have otherwise taken me months to understand I got it under 3 hours."

Alisa Prem UX/UI designer

Alisa Prem

UX/UI Designer

This masterclass is for Mid- and Senior Designers.

If you're a Junior UX/UI Designer and you understand how to design websites or mobile apps, you used Grids before but don't know exactly why and how to apply them, this class will also be beneficial for you. 

UX/UI Designers

You'll understand the What, How and Why behind Grids and Layouts, and it will make your design process super efficient and your works will look more professional.

Graphic Designers

In the masterclass we will cover how to create and use Grids for Instagram posts and lots of Psychology & Marketing secrets. You will love it.


You'll understand how designers create Grids and Layouts and the Math behind them, so it will be easier for you to calculate and code them.

Content Creators

One of the sections of the masterclass will be specifically about grids for social media posts and Instagram carousels. You'll learn the rules that will make your post stand out.


"It was awesome. I enjoy the way you explain things because you make them seem easier than we thought they are. It is great to have the possibility to watch it later on your platform."

Miguel Ramirez


"A valuable masterclass full of design and marketing tips. Everything was explained perfectly."



"It was more than what I expected the Masterclass would be. Alex went above and beyond what was expected for the class today."



"1st time I put a 10, but it was very worth it. A lot of tips that will for sure, make me more efficient."

Natacha A. L. Product & Visual Designer
Natacha A.L.

Product & Visual Designer

Grids and Layouts for UX-UI designers, Websites and Mobile apps

Grids & Layouts for Websites & Mobile apps Masterclass

  • Grids and Layouts in UI design
  • Psychology of Layouts + Gestalt principles
  • How to create professional layouts for your designs with Grids
  • How to create grids like a Pro
  • Alignment and marketing
  • Universal grids for any project
  • Grids for eCommerce projects
  • Exercises and Math
  • A new way of using grids in design
  • Grids calculator based on website
  • Special section: Grids for Instagram posts and carousels
  • Lifetime access


Secure payment

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

Author of the class, Alexunder Hess

  • A designer with over 14 years of hands-on experience in designing websites, apps and other digital products

  • Helped many designers land a job of their dream

  • Helped students launch their digital products and make $200,000+

  • Founder of the AH Design Academy with 1000+ students

  • Creator of 14 unique masterclasses and courses

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  • Worked with the biggest car soft providers (Ford, SiriusXM) and media companies (NBC,, iHeartRadio) and designed infotainment systems and TV apps for millions of users