If you want to start your journey in UX/UI design and learn Figma

First Steps in UX/UI Design & Figma for Beginners

Start your career in UX/UI design the right way. Learn how to design mobile apps, websites and UI kits with Figma even if you've never opened this tool before. Get a clear plan to get your first commercial experience in design and land a job.


"This masterclass was pure gold. I learned a lot and got a boost in my confidence. Alex teaches design as simple as possible. Why make it difficult when you can just start and grow confidence."

Franzi Rinkel


This masterclass is for you

If you face any of these problems

Where to start in UX/UI

If you don't have understanding of the process or overwhelmed with all these videos, articles, posts about UX/UI design

How to use UX/UI design tools

You have watched dozens of videos but haven't started designing yet, or can't understand how to design easy, fast and how to be efficient

What you should design

You don't understand what you can and should design to grow in the UX/UI or Product Design career to make your first money, land a job or get clients

Afraid of the process

Yoou might think that the design process is difficult, has lots of aspects and you might miss something that you need for a successful career

Lost motivation

You tried learning design, you even created something but there is no feedback from other people or you don't understand how to apply your skills

The power of a beginner

Most of the time you're afraid that someone will see you as a beginner and won't hire or work with you. You don't understand the power of being a beginner


"It was an amazing class, I got the chance to learn so much in such a little time. It didn't feel like a rigid classroom, it felt like I was learning with friends and a really cool teacher.

I learned that I can do it, I can become a great UX/UI designer. I got such a boost in my confidence, not just in design but the way I charge for my services. And most of all it was fun, Alex was super engaging and energetic and the people in the class were amazing as well."

— Jonathan Nathan

First steps in UX UI Design Masterclass UI Kit Masterclass

In this masterclass, you'll learn

  • Where to start in UX/UI and Webdesign
  • How to learn Figma to become a Pro in it
  • How to design icons
  • How to create illustrations
  • How to design any website or mobile app
  • How to work with typography and colors
  • How to work with grids
  • How to design an Instagram carousel
  • How to design a landing page (portfolio, process + practice with Figma: grid, typography, colors)
  • How to learn UX/UI Design the right way
  • Where to get inspiration and how to use it
  • Where to get your first clients
  • How much to charge for your first project
  • [Most important!] You'll get answers to your questions during the Q&A session (access to my knowledge)

You'll also

Create your own UI Kit with Figma

so you'll design any website, portfolio, mobile app, Instagram carousel, Dribbble shots in minutes.

Figma for Beginners Masterclass UI Kit Masterclass

What's inside of the masterclass

  • 3 Exclusive Videos to help you start your journey without stress but with a clear step-by-step plan and guidance
  • Your personal account
  • Handy platform to watch lessons and download bonuses
  • A convenient video player to watch videos faster or slower for your comfort
  • The highlights of the shortcuts I'm using during my work so that you know how to boost your design process
  • Lifetime access

Videos in the masterclass


Video 1 • 1.5 hours

What design really is, how to start in UX/UI and become a great UX/UI designer

Here you'll learn secrets of design nobody talks about. They'll make your UX/UI design career much easier.


Video 2 • 2 hours

How to create professionally-looking UI kits, mobile apps and websites with Figma

You'll learn how to use Figma (the best tool for UI design) and design your first UI kit, to design your portfolio and websites and mobile apps.


Video 3 • 1 hour

How to get clients and land a job as a UX/UI designer, Mindset tips and Homework

This is a perfect step-by-step guide for you if you want to get your first UX/UI design job or make your first money with design. 

Bonuses you'll get


Bonus 1

Figma file from the masterclass

It's easier to understand how things were designed when you have a file with all the elements created during the class. You'll be able to touch, move, analyze and recreate every pixel.


Bonus 2

Websites for your growth

A special list of the websites that will help you grow as a UX/UI designer much faster. You need only these websites. Learn from them, practice, and you'll become better than 80% of other designers.

+ Homework with a plan

Only watching videos won't help you achieve the result you dream about. You need some practice. This homework is a step-by-step plan that will help you. Follow this plan, take action and you'll be mindblown how fast you grow.

Need a clear step-by-step plan on how to start your UX/UI journey and become a successful designer?

You will find all the answers in this masterclass.


3 videos (~5 hours)

The complete masterclass is recorded, and you will have lifetime access to it. You'll be able to slow down the video speed to make notes or catch the moments you might miss during the class.

For who

Those who start their career in UX/UI design / Junior UX/UI designers / Students

Those who finally want to learn UI design, understand how to work with UX/UI design tools and land a job or make money with design.

We will be using a free version of Figma. You can create your free account at Figma.com

How to start in UX/UI design masterclass in the macbook mockup


Don't know where to start and what to do?

You'll find answers in this masterclass.

You will finally understand

  • What design really is
  • How to get a commercial experience
  • How much to charge for your work
  • How and why you can switch from Photoshop, Canva, CorelDraw or Illustrator to Figma
  • How to start designing any website or app from start to finish
  • How to design your first UI kit to sell it or to use in your work
  • How to get your first clients
  • How to make Research for your next project even if you have never done that before (simple and powerful method)
  • How to make money as a beginner in UX/UI design
  • How to grow your Design and Business skills at the beginning of your career

Do you want to learn UX/UI design the right way, without anxiety and burnout?

Do you want to start learning UX/UI design with the most popular and powerful UX/UI design tool?

Do you want to know how to design vector icons and illustrations?

Do you want to design your first portfolio and get your first clients?

You will get it all in this masterclass!


Author of the class, Alexunder Hess

  • A designer with over 12 years of hands-on experience in designing websites, apps and other digital products

  • Helped many designers land a job of their dream

  • Helped students launch their digital products and make $200,000+

  • Founder of the AH Design Academy with 1000+ students

  • Creator of 14 unique masterclasses and courses

  • Helped my client make $500K with a typography-based website

  • Designed the most used Chrome extension for SEO specialists

  • Designed a heavy-data mobile app with 3+ mln users (Wargaming)

  • Worked with the biggest car soft providers (Ford, SiriusXM) and media companies (NBC, Radio.com, iHeartRadio) and designed infotainment systems and TV apps for millions of users


"It was awesome. I enjoy the way you explain things because you make them seem easier than we thought they are. It is great to have the possibility to watch it later on your platform."

Miguel Ramirez


"A valuable masterclass full of design and marketing tips. Everything was explained perfectly."



"It was more than what I expected the Masterclass would be. Alex went above and beyond what was expected for the class today."



First Steps in UX/UI Design & Figma for Beginners

masterclass by Alexander Hess
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  • 3 exclusive videos: Design secrets, Figma masterclass, Get clients and land a job

  • Your personal account

  • A handy platform to watch lessons

  • Bonus 1. Figma file from the masterclass

  • Bonus 2. A list of websites for your further growth

  • A convenient video player to watch videos faster or slower

  • Homework for your practice

  • Recording of the Q&A session

  • The highlights of the shortcuts I'm using during my work

  • Lifetime access


"I learned how not to be afraid and how to come up with ideas. I started applying them and I feel much better about my work. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!!!"



"It was a real eye opener."

Aric P.


"Very helpful to change my career as graphic designer to UI designer. Started implementing some of your designs in my company and got a good impression from the CEO. Thank you for that."

Pavan K. R.


"It really helped me to understand more about how to keep my mind working in a good way and taking everything I see as an inspiration to be more creative and get better with my ideas."

Roberto M.