What: 5-Figure eBook Live masterclass
When: Aug 26th, 10 am EST 

Make $1000+/month with your eBook

Learn how to write, design and sell an eBook so that you can make passive income every month. This masterclass is an ultimate step-by-step guide for creatives.

Do you want to write, design and sell ebooks?
Do you want to design ebooks for other people?
How much do you want to make a month by selling or designing eBooks?
$500? $1000?
In this masterclass, I'll give you all the tips about creating and selling ebooks I shared on my 1-on-1 consultations.
After my consultation, Michael made $43,000 within 2 months with his ebook:
Harshil followed the steps I shared with him during the consultation and made $7000+ in less than 4 months
Kristina wrote her eBook in Google Docs, I designed it for her and showed her how she can sell it easily.
This is how much she's making a month without paid ads and promotions:
If you are afraid of writing an ebook, that's ok. 
I made my first money from ebooks by designing them for other people.
You can make $250 – $5000 per ebook designing them.


In this masterclass, I will give you all the tips and secrets on how to write, design and sell ebooks so you could make money consistently.

This masterclass is for

Content creators

If you already create content, you'll learn how to create an ebook and sell it.


You'll understand how to monetize your expertise and get a new stream of income

Students & beginners

Even if you don't know how to write ebooks, you'll learn how to design ebooks for other people and make money on it.

eBook creators

You'll earn how to optimize your process and write and design ebooks faster, so you'll save hours of your precious time.

In this class you'll learn:


How to write eBooks

Even if you never did that before


How to design eBooks

Super fast, even if you are not a designer


How to sell eBooks (and any other digital products)

Without fear, with confidence and with the right price

I will guide you through all the steps of these 3 main topics, explain all the secrets of making money with ebooks, what mistakes to avoid, how to design ebooks super fast using my Figma template, what price to set and where to sell them.

At the end of the masterclass, we will have a Q&A session where I’ll answer your questions.


You’ll also get my eBook Figma template that will help you design the entire ebook super fast.

From Google Docs to a fully designed book in just a couple of hours.


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Time & date

August 26th, 10 am EST

You can google "10 am EST in {name of your city}" to know the time in your place.


~3 hours

To cover all three main aspects of the process and for Q&A we will need about 3 hours. Book this time in your calendar.


Zoom Live Session

The masterclass will be Live but you will get the recording after it. It will also be great to see you during the Q&A session.

What to bring

Water, notes & energy

The masterclass will take 3 hours, bring water to stay hydrated, a notebook and a pen to take notes and your energy get maximum out of this class.

all yours

Full masterclass + recording

You will get the full masterclass, the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to write, design and sell ebooks, recording of the session, mindset tips and recommendations, Q&A session.


Figma template + styleguide

You will also get my eBook Figma template, grids, typography and colours styleguide that will help you design ebooks in minutes.


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5-Figure eBook Masterclass

• Access to the masterclass
• Recording of the class
• Platform with a private account
• eBook Figma template
• eBook Typography & Colors Styleguide
• 3 months of access
• Q&A session
• Step-by-step eBook process (write, design, sell)
• Sales & marketing secrets


Registration closes Aug 25th 11pm EST


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