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Boost Your Creativity

Unleash your inner power and Boost your Creativity + Secret ways of using Figma. Join 200+ brilliant students


Figma for Beginners

Learn the first steps in UX/UI career and get the full guide to Figma, the most powerful UX/UI design tool

Isometric design and illustration masterclass by Alexunder Hess cover

Isometric Design & Illustrations

Learn to design incredible isometric scenes and illustrations


Motion UI Design

Learn the power of UI animations and prototyping.

Seamless Instagram Carousel template by Alexunder Hess cover
Seamless Instagram Carousel Template + Minicourse

Get the seamless Instagram carousel template I use for my posts and learn how to use it

Template + Minicourse


What people think about my previous masterclasses


"Phenomenal! I feel like I took semesters worth of concepts in one go."

— Hana Stanojkovic


"It was amazing! There are a handful of UX classes out there but this is the first that really focused on how to create those designs that we always see but can never seem to figure out."

— Neha Saboo

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