16 HQ video lessons
3+ hours of pure value

Isometric Design & Illustrations masterclass

Learn to design incredible isometric scenes and illustrations with Figma for your landing pages, portfolio, social media

Isometric design and illustration masterclass by Alexunder Hess cover

Why Isometric design is so powerful

People buy with emotions. Big companies like Apple, Google, Shopify, Microsoft and some successful designers widely use isometric design because it's a powerful way to attract attention and cause emotions. Emotions drive sales, bring clients, bring money.



"After this masterclass, I felt like I have a new superpower."

— Piia P.

This masterclass is for UX/UI, Graphic Designers and for Creatives interested in advanced design techniques.

In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • Introduction to the masterclass (7:26)
  • Where to use Isometric Designs & illustrations (19:25)
  • The history of Isometric drawings (8:20)
  • The fundamentals of Isometric Design & Math behind it (13:36)
  • Isometric Design - Old Methods (14:12)
  • How to create simple Isometric illustrations & icons (24:38)
  • How to create complex Isometric illustrations (34:38)

You'll also get these BONUSES:

  • Bonus: How to create Isometric Typography (9:27)
  • Bonus: How to animate Isometric Designs & Illustrations (22:16)
  • SuperBonus: How to create 3D Glass Isometric shape. Manual method (16:04)
  • SuperBonus: How to create 3D Glass Isometric shape. Using plugin (10:20)
  • SuperBonus: How to create 3D Deep Shadow. Manual method (3:20)
  • SuperBonus: How to create 3D Deep Shadow. Using plugin (5:58)


"It was clear and powerful, full of examples and easy to follow. I appreciate leaving some space for the theory and history behind Isometric Design."

— Pierpaolo S.

Isometric design and illustrations course

Isometric Design & Illustrations with Figma masterclass

  • Full masterclass

  • 16 high-quality lessons

  • 3+ hours of pure value

  • Isometric Typography

  • Isometric UI animation

  • Handy platform with a personal account

  • 2 Bonus lessons

  • Lifetime access

  • 4 SuperBonus tutorials

  • Free updates


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"It was amazing. I grew more and more excited as I made my way through the videos. Seeing how you could create an Isometric design using Figma really blew my mind. "

— Jude


"It gave me a clear understanding, not just about the how, but also the why and when, which is the most important."

— Manu N.


"This is really helpful if you don't know where to start for your UI visual design and to show products that people will love."

— Enrico D.


"It is well structured and divided into the right amount of sections and a number of videos - nothing overwhelming, just perfect!."

— Soumya A.