Learn all my tips and secrets I used to get 40K followers in 2 months without spending money on ads

Result: You will learn how to get more followers on your Instagram account really fast, what type of content people like and how to start making money with Instagram

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InstaTribe comes with 9-module Video Course, Homework, Workbooks, Free Updates, Seamless Carousel Template*, Live Calls*, eBook by Kalypso*, Private Slack Group*, Challenges*

*with PRO Bundle and VIP package

One post can change your life.
I will help you to create one.

You deserve more

What you'll really get

This course is not only about the number of followers, and you know it.
You will get much more!

• A new status

• Become an influencer

• Make an impact and help other people

• Build new relationships

• Overcome your fears and become more confident

• Start making more money and getting more clients

• People will recognize you, your works and style

• Grow your business as an expert

• Improve your design and communication skills and much more!

...but also, people will like, save and share your posts!

How do I know? I got it all in just 2 months. That's why I want to help you and share everything that I've learned along the way (plus during many months before the breakthrough).

If you feel that

• You don't know how to start your account, where to get ideas and what to post;

• You don't know how you can help other people;

• You don't have a strategy for your account;

• You don't know the exact steps on how to create content;

• It seems too hard to start;

• Your niche seems too complex;

• Your page has reached a plateau and stopped growing; 

• You are not confident enough or your English is not so good;

• You are afraid that others can judge you;

• You don't know how to monetize your account... 

I have the answers for you!

I've spent a lot of money on courses and books, 15 months learning different techniques, then experimented with them, found my own formula and ALL THIS helped to get to 40K within 2 months.

You will get ALL THIS DISTILLED KNOWLEDGE, so you won't need to spend your time doing all the experiments yourself (after all, you have other fun things to do!). 

Is it you?

InstaTribe is for

UX/UI designers, 3D designers, Motion designers, Illustrators, Graphic designers

Result: You will learn how to share your knowledge so people follow and pay you for it

Marketers, SEO experts, Copywriters, Photographers, Videographers, Developers

Result: You will understand how to create posts that bring value, so people trust you and perceive you as an expert


Those who haven't tried growing their Instagram accounts yet but want to eliminate mistakes on their way or make their way as smooth as possible. 

You've tried

Who tried growing their Instagram account, haven't reached their goal and now ready to get the proven method that works

Do you have this feeling when you work hard on the project, and in the end, people will see only the final result and ONLY YOU will be the one who knows that you worked on it. You are not a creator but just a worker, and nobody will ever know about you. Do you feel it?

Your transformation starts here.







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What is most important for you?

...OR BOTH...

Look at Saves, they show the value of your post;

Look at Reach and Profile visits, they show how famous you become;

Look at Shares, they show the power of your post;

Look at Website Clicks, they show how many potential customers you can have.

With over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram, you have an opportunity to build your community and your brand. This will give you the freedom and the lifestyle that you always wanted.

Like Peter McKinnon, Chris Do, Gary Vee

They have this huge following, affiliate programs, their own products. People love them. Their audience buys these products.

Have you ever thought to have this kind of lifestyle where you will be known, recognized, where you will be among other experts and famous people, where you will build your community?

Do you feel the same? Do you want to do what you love? And be known for it? and make money for it?

This is yours


I will give you my Design, SEO, Psychology, Marketing and Copywriting knowledge so you will be able to achieve the result you deserve. 

What's in the course

9-module eCourse for those who want to build their personal brand and build a huge audience by sharing ideas and knowledge you have


After June 10th the course will be unavailable to purchase




 Will not be available after June 10th

  • 9-module eCourse
  • Homework
  • Free updates
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 Will not be available after June 10th

  • 9-module eCourse
  • Homework
  • Free updates
  • Carousel Template
  • eBook by Kalypso
  • Slack Group
  • Live Calls
  • Challenges

BONUS 1: Seamless Carousel Template

BONUS 2: How to Build Your Profile eBook by Kalypso

Secure payment

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.




 Will not be available after June 10th

  • 9-module eCourse
  • Homework
  • Free updates
  • Carousel Template
  • eBook by Kalypso
  • Slack Group
  • Live Calls
  • Challenges

BONUS 1: Seamless Carousel Template

BONUS 2: How to Build Your Profile eBook by Kalypso

SUPERBONUS: 4 Individual Live Calls

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Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.

The Author

Alexunder Hess (

• Was called the fastest growing Instagram account in Design niche

• Got 40000 followers in just 2 months by following methods and secrets from UX design, SEO, Copywriting and Marketing

• Featured among other big accounts like Chris Do, Kalypso, UXGoodies, Michael Janda and others

My goal is to help you grow your account and share your knowledge so more people will see your ideas and you will be able to make more money by doing what you love.


My story could be Yours

Hey there,

I’m Alexunder Hess, a design blogger and an influencer. Thanks to my Instagram account I started making more money, got new clients, became well-known in the design community and grew in many areas of my life.

But I didn’t always have the skills that helped me build my personal brand and get what I have now. 

When I started my Instagram design account, I was working at 9 to 5 job (I am still there!). I didn't have time but I had a dream to get more followers, build my personal brand, become known and recognisable and make more money.

I really needed to change my life. This is where my journey began.

I bought some expensive courses, some books, started learning everything that could help me achieve my goal to have 5000 followers by the end of 2019. 

I would spend hours preparing my content, posting it with shaking hands, refreshing my page to see how many people liked my post... and yet 3 hours later nothing would happen. I remember one day I came home and said to my wife: 'I can't do this anymore. Nothing works! Nobody comments on my posts! Look... just 3 likes...

But then something happened.

A few days later this crazy idea came to my head: what if I change my strategy? What if I take all the knowledge I've already learned in the courses but use it differently? 

The thing is that the courses and articles I had studied didn’t explain one important secret that changes everything. When I found this secret, my account started growing so fast: 10K in two weeks, 20K in one month, 40K in 2 months. I couldn't keep up.

I started receiving messages from other influencers, from clients, people started asking me to promote their tools and services for real money. Wow!

Now, this wasn’t an overnight success. It took me about $2000, 15 months and lots of work, experiments and research before I achieved all of this. But I have a shortcut for you and I’m going to give all my knowledge and secrets to YOU.

Even if you’re new to Instagram or already have the following, Instatribe Course will help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course started on June 10th, 2020. The date of the next launch will be announced on my Instagram page

Can I buy it after June 10th?

No. My goal is to give as much valuse as possible to those who are in the tribe. For Live Calls, for Challenges and for other events, I want everyone to grow together. After June 10th the course will NOT be available to purchase.

Will it be helpful if I already have a lot of followers?

Yes. You will get ideas that will improve your page, posts and stories and allow you to grow even further.

How long do I have access to the course?

Minimum 1-year access with all bonuses! Also, you will get all the updates to the course for FREE. Amazing, right?

Does this course apply to non-designers?

Yes. The tips and secrets that you will get work for everybody: photographers, bloggers, developers, videographers, marketers, copywriters, fitness instructors, etc. The main criteria: you have to want to grow.

What if I can't afford the course?

This is an investment that will change your life. If you are not ready to invest in building an audience and your personal brand, that's totally fine. I was there and learned from free resources until I understood that time is more valuable than money. The ideas and secrets that you will get from the course will change not only the way you manage your account but also will change other areas of your life.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I'm so convinced that if you apply all the techniques that I will provide in the course you will change the way you manage your Instagram account and will increase your audience, and if you don’t, or if you are not happy you can email me within 15 days after your purchase for a full refund.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram ( or via email.


I am not selling the course, I am inviting you to learn the secrets that will help you to get the MAXIMUM from your Instagram page. If you don't need this knowledge, if you like the number of followers you have and the way you are using your Instagram today; that's totally fine. I am not doing anything for my personal account, for example (@alexunderhess). But if you want to change something, you can join InstaTribe and get everything that I've learned about Instagram growth for the last 2 years.

If you want the best results, think of this course like the training where you have to apply the knowledge that you get and ask questions if you need help.
No results are promised or guaranteed. You apply the advice you take from the InstaTribe at your own risk.

I’ve made everything to share ALL my tips, secrets, ideas and knowledge so you can get everything that I've learned for the last 2 years working on my page; I am constantly learning myself and share new thoughts in the course and on the Live Calls.

You will have your unique results and should not expect the same results as other members of the InstaTribe unless your business, efforts and resources are exactly the same.


© 2020 Alexunder Hess Design. All rights reserved