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Figma pro secrets

Learn how to design ABSOLUTELY anything like a PRO

100+ video lessons and industry-proven Digital Design and Figma secrets

Last update: June 2024

Figma Pro Secrets Course. Course of the year (2023))

Do you want to:

  • confidently communicate your design decisions
  • improve your UI Design skills
  • optimize your UX/UI Design process
  • charge more money for your work
  • make your Managers feel confident in your skills
  • show your expertise and make people listen to YOU?

in-depth knowledge

Your Design Mindset

You’ll learn "How" and "WHY" behind every single design decision.

We'll dive deeper into the power of Figma, and you'll learn how to become confident in your design skills.

The goal of this course is to make you a Figma expert, so you can design better and faster absolutely anything and stand out from the crowd.

Business owners and companies respect confident designers.

It's all for you

Want to boost your skills and reach your next level?

Become a Pro in Figma

Figma is the most popular UX/UI design tool today, it became a golden standard already. You'll master the power of this tool.

Grow your design skills

Learn how, where and why to use components, auto-layout feature, variants, interactive components to become really fast.

Create mindblowing prototypes

The easiest way to impress managers, clients, colleagues is to show them how the product works. You'll learn how to do it.

Confidence is your power

After these masterclasses, your confidence will grow. Use it to land a job, wow your clients, get respect from your team and other people.

Build processes

Processes will save your months of your life and bring you thousands of dollars in revenue. You'll learn how to use and optimize them.

Create your Design System

Optimize your work and the processes of your team by using Design Systems. You'll learn how to start creating Design Systems.

Figma Pro Secrets is for

Web Designers

You'll learn how to work with components, autolayout, variants, grids, how to design UI kits, styleguides, how to create responsive screens and so much more using only Figma.

UX Designers

After this course, you'll be able to create absolutely any UI design element: navigation, segmented controls, tab bars, modals, checkboxes, buttons, backgrounds +25 more mobile app elements.

Creators and Social Media Marketers

Create social media posts, patterns, illustrations, brand materials and much more for your personal brand and your clients.

Graphic Designers

You'll learn how to create presentations, illustrations, icons, packages, backgrounds, patterns, stickers, and any type of mockups:  boxes, devices, phones.

UI Designers

You won't find information like this anywhere else. You'll learn how to create UI designs and components much faster, with confidence.

Modules of the course

What's inside:

Module 1

Figma Fundamentals. From Beginners to Advanced

Your results:

After this module, you'll feel confident working with Figma, even if you never used this tool before or you're switching from Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop or Illustrator. Plus dozens of advanced techniques for experienced Figma users. From Zero to Hero!

Autolayout, Components, Constraints, Interactive Components, Variants, Styles + 20 more easy-to-follow lessons to help you become a Figma Pro!

Module 2

Graphic Design for UI and Web Design

Your results:

You'll learn how to create icons, illustrations, patterns, backgrounds, mockups, presentations, and tons of other elements for your projects, posts, or just for fun; this module will be the most interesting for Graphic designers who never worked with Figma and for UX designers who want to upgrade their visual design skills.

Packaging design, Illustrations and Icons for websites and mobile apps, Mockups, Luxury style, Gradients and Patterns. Mindblowing!

Module 3

Design Secrets for UX/UI Content Creators

Your results:

You'll create covers, posts, illustrations and thumbnails for your social media profiles, learn to design seamless Instagram carousels and how to convert them into a Linkedin carousel in just one click, how to design eBook, eCourse package mockups for your digital products, and so much more.

From social media accounts to digital products!

Module 4

Efficient Web design with Figma

Your results:

Learn how to design mindblowing websites with a seamless user experience.

After this module, you'll be able to design absolutely any landing page or website because you'll have all the tools and skills for it: from grids and layouts, the exact sizes and spacings, typography and colour styleguides to responsive editorial components using the most powerful Figma tools, Autolayout and Components.

Module 5

UI Design & Mobile Apps Pro Secrets

Your results:

If you design mobile apps for iOS or Android, you'll become 100x more efficient, organized and confident in your skills, because you'll know exactly how to design absolutely any UI design component for your app.

You'll learn everything you need: from mobile app anatomy to layout, grids, typography, cards, lists and all the design elements you need to become a great mobile app designer.

🔥 Bonus Module

Isometric Design & Illustrations

Your results:

This module will teach you the unique skill you won't learn anywhere else — Isometric Design for Websites and Mobile apps.

History of isometric design, theory, old methods people used with Adobe Illustrator and the new efficient ways with Figma. Special lesson for geeks: The Math formula behind Isometric design.

Learn to design incredible isometric scenes, icons, designs and illustrations with Figma for your landing pages, portfolio, social media posts, and presentations.

Become confident in your design skills

Figma Pro Secrets is an advanced design video course that will help you become a Digital Design Expert.


Learn the techniques nobody knows!

Confidence gives you POWER!

Say "NO!" to Imposter Syndrome!

In the Figma Pro Secrets course, you'll learn techniques 99% of other designers don't even know.

Become a valuable employee in a startup, agency or a product company.

You’ll become the most efficient and valuable designer for any team.

Ask for a promotion and a higher salary because you'll know more than anyone else in your team.

Trusted by Product Designers from the best companies including:
Students from the companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, HP take AHDesign Academy courses

your results after this course

Easy, fun, valuable


How to create UI design and Graphic design components for Websites, Mobile and TV apps, Games, and anything else with Figma: icons, illustrations, backgrounds, special patterns, grids, layouts, mockups, navigation, menu, sliders, badges, split-buttons, buttons, cards, chips, tab bars, bottom bars, progress, filters, modals, lists, search, checkboxes, radio buttons, inputs, styleguides and even UI kits.

How to work with Figma like a Pro even if you never used this tool before: a special module that explains every single Figma element and parameter, from simple frames, groups and shapes to advanced styles and hidden features.

How to use Figma to design Digital products and create Social Media content: how to create Instagram, Linked, Twitter, Gumroad, Youtube thumbnails, covers, carousels and posts; how to prepare and export your Instagram carousel into a Linkedin carousel in ONE click; how to design mockups for your digital products (ebooks, checklists, courses); after this course, you'll be able to design absolutely anything you need as a Content Creator.

Figma for Beginners Masterclass UI Kit Masterclass
AHDesign Academy for UX/UI Designers
First steps in UX UI Design Masterclass UI Kit Masterclass

Skyrocket your Design career

This course is not only about Figma, it's about Design Mindset!


Author of the course, Alex Hess

  • A UX Design Lead and Business Growth consultant with 15+ years of hands-on experience in designing websites, web-, TV- and mobile applications

  • Worked with Fortune500 companies and big brands like Ford, Wargaming, SiriusXM, NBC, CIBC, Goodlife Fitness, Boston Pizza, Radio.com, iHeartRadio designing digital products for millions of users

  • Founder of the AHDesign Academy and creator of 14 unique masterclasses and courses for UX Designers

  • 92.2K followers on Instagram, 5K Linkedin, 6.3K Twitter/X, 5.2K Youtube

  • Helped Freelancers and Product Designers from startups, design agencies and companies like Meta, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Vimeo, HP improve their design, marketing and communication skills, launch digital products, land a job, get promotion and a salary raise

  • Designed a Chrome extension for SEOs with 85,000+ DAU

  • Started his Design career in 2008 while studying Marketing and Development at the University. You can find Alex on Linkedin

Figma Pro Secrets course by Alexunder Hess Cover

Figma Pro Secrets


  • Module 1A: Essential Figma Fundamentals

  • Module 1B: Advanced Figma Fundamentals 

  • Constraints and Autolayout

  • Components, Variants and Variables

  • Advanced styles and techniques

  • Free updates

  • Lifetime access


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Figma Pro Secrets course by Alexunder Hess Cover

Figma Pro Secrets


  • Module 1A: Essential Figma Fundamentals

  • Module 1B: Advanced Figma Fundamentals

  • Constraints and Autolayout

  • Components, Variants and Variables

  • Advanced styles and techniques

  • Module 2: Creativity and Graphic Design w/ Figma

  • Module 3: Figma Pro Secrets for Content Creators

  • Unique ways of creating designs with Figma

  • Figma secrets for Marketing

  • How to create books and magazine covers

  • How to create mockups

  • How to create icons and illustrations

  • How to create Instagram and Linkedin posts

  • How to create luxury brand graphic designs

  • Free updates

  • Lifetime access


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Figma Pro Secrets course by Alexunder Hess Cover

Figma Pro Secrets


  • Module 1A: Essential Figma Fundamentals

  • Module 1B: Advanced Figma Fundamentals

  • Constraints and Autolayout

  • Components, Variants and Variables

  • Advanced styles and techniques

  • Module 2: Creativity and Graphic Design w/ Figma

  • Module 3: Figma Pro Secrets for Content Creators

  • Unique ways of creating designs with Figma

  • Figma secrets for Marketing

  • How to create books and magazine covers

  • How to create mockups

  • How to create icons and illustrations

  • How to create Instagram and Linkedin posts

  • How to create luxury brand graphic designs

  • Module 4: Efficient Web Design w/ Figma

  • Module 5: UI Design and Mobile Apps w/ Figma

  • Website anatomy

  • How to create Typogrpahy, Spacing and Color Styleguides

  • Super components in Figma for Web design

  • Responsive Web design

  • How to design websites from top to bottom

  • Mobile app fundamentals

  • Grids, Colors and Typography for mobile apps

  • How to create navigation for mobile apps

  • Bonus Module: Isometric Design with Figma

  • Free updates

  • Lifetime access


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Pregressive Knowledge Experience

Figma Pro Secrets course Modules and Lessons

Module 1: Essential Figma Fundamentals

Don't skip this module if you want to master your design skills. In every lesson, I explain every single detail of the design decisions I make.

  1. Introduction to Figma (2 min 30 sec)

  2. Figma Interface (20 min 7 sec). 5 elements of Figma interface, Dark/Light theme, Canvas background, Files, Pages, Figma hierarchy
  3. Figma Tools Panel. Shape tools (31 min 31sec). This lesson will make you better than 80% of designers who don't know how you can create magic using just simple shapes.
  4. Figma Tools Panel. Frames and Groups (28 min 59 sec). The lesson that will help avoid lots of mistakes and problems in UI Design. + Advanced tips
  5. Frame sizes for Websites, Mobile Apps, Print works (13 min 28 sec). The best sizes for designing responsive websites (mobile, tablet, desktop), apps and print designs in Figma
  6. Nudge for 4pt Grid Mobile apps and 8pt Grid Websites (10 min 41 sec). If you prefer to work with 4pt or 8pt grids, this lesson will make your life much easier. 
  7. How to create Grids in Figma (27 min 42 sec). Stretch, Center, Left, Right, for websites, mobile apps and presentations. Create a perfect grid for your next project.
  8. Shape parameters + shortcuts for your efficiency (28 min 15 sec). This lesson will blow your mind. You'll learn how to create hundreds of solutions using one shape.
  9. Fill parameter, Colours and Gradients (39 min 49 sec). Everything you need to know about Colors and Gragients. You won't find so much valuable information about Colors shared in this one lesson in any other course.
  10. Fill with Images and Videos (24 min 28 sec). Want to create something new, something creative using just one parameter in design? You'll learn how to do it in this lesson.
  11. Figma plugins. How to add and run (16 min 57 sec). I teach how to think as a Professional Designer without relying on plugins. But sometimes it's more efficient to use the solutions that save you time. This lesson is about that.
  12. Stroke parameters and how to use them (44 min 10 sec). This lesson could be an entire course. 44 min full of value covering every single aspect of Stroke parameter and how to use it in UI Design like a Pro.

  13. Effects parameters. Where, How, and Why to use them (39 min 09 sec). Ever thought how to create special UI design effects that attract attention and make people say "WOW!"? This is lesson will show you how you can impress your clients, managers, followers and other designers.

  14. Export parameters (15 min 40 sec). It's time to share your designs with others. Here are the best settings for it.

  15. Constraints. It's only difficult until you learn them (28 min 20 sec). If you're a Web designer, knowledge of Constraints in UI Design will save tons of your time. Responsive Design will become so much easier for you, making you a super Efficient Web Designer.
  16. Text tool, advanced text settings + Typography Pro Secrets. Part 1 (30 min 19 sec) & Part 2 (48 min 43 sec). Typography is a number one skill for any Designer. In this almost 2-hour long lesson, you will find so many Typography Pro tips so your knowledge of this area of design will reach a completely new level.
  17. Boolean groups and how to use them (23 min 13 sec). If you know how to use Boolean operations, you're the master of Logo Design, Icon Design and Illustrations. Create logos for your clients, Icons for your Mobile apps, Illustrations for your Websites. But first, watch this lesson.
  18. Pen and pencil tools. From signature to timeline to a logo (22 min 36 sec). So many designers don't know how to use these tools, but it shouldn't be about you. Add Pen and Pencil tool to your skillset, and become a Pro in them.
  19. Masks + Advanced Secrets (17 min 36 sec). Such a powerful tool in the hands of a professional Designer. You'll master it!

Module 1: Advanced Figma Fundamentals

It's time to bring your design skills to the next level. If you want to improve your Performance, Efficiency and Effectiveness, this part of the Module 1 is for you.

  1. Autolayout. From Fundamentals to Advanced Settings (46 min 17 sec). The most powerful tool in the hands of a UX/UI Designer. You will have the power to design responsive buttons, forms, sections, and even the entire websites with it. This lesson is must-to-watch!
  2. Components. The 2nd most powerful Figma tool (36 min 11 sec). Create once — use everywhere. Need to make changes? Easy! If you know how to use Components, you will save hundreds of hours of your precious time.
  3. Component Properties. 10x Your Efficiency (28 min 09 sec). This lesson explains in details how you can improve your efficiency by using components. Get Your POWER!
  4. Variants. One component, multiple options to use (25 min 25 sec). Want to bring your design skills to the highest level? After Components and Autolayout, Variants will sharpen your knowledge and will make true Master of UI Design.
  5. Interactive components. Bring life to your designs (22 min 24 sec). Microinteractions will make your designs look real. In this lesson, you'll learn how to create microinteractions with Figma and apply them in UI Design.
  6. Alignment and Distribution + Hidden secrets (29 min 54 sec). Alignment makes design look professional. You'll master the skill of alignment and distribution of the UI elements in this lesson to bring your designs to the next level.
  7. Styles. The base of a Design System and Styleguides (39 min 06 sec). THIS IS MAST-TO-KNOW! Even if you don't need to build Design Systems, if you learn how to create Styles in Figma the right way, you will be able to design 10x faster and reuse them whenever you need. This efficiency will make you the best UX/UI Designer in your team and will save you time for more clients.
  8. Introduction to Variables (12 min 46 sec). This lesson is for those who want to build Design Systems, and make any changes across all the screens and pages in a blink of an eye. 
  9. Variables. Colors (16 min 52 sec). Add Colors to Variables and apply them in your designs. Need to make any changes in colors for the entire project? Click, click, new color - Done! 
  10. Variables. Numbers (14 min 52 sec). Set all the Spacings in Variables, especially the Margins and Gutter. This match between your Grid and Autolayouts will do all the magic. Only professional Designers know this secret.
  11. Variables. String (coming soon)
  12. Variables. Boolean (coming soon)

Module 2: Graphic Design with Figma

We use graphic design elements in Web Design, Mobile Apps, Web apps, social media, presentations, digital products, everywhere. It's time to master it!

  1. Introduction to Graphic Design with Figma (10 min 32 sec). 
  2. How to create a Magazine Cover with Figma (21 min 09 sec).
  3. How to create a Dot Pattern without using Copy-Paste (15 min 07 sec).
  4. How to create a Dot Pattern. Vol 2 (7 min 20 sec). 
  5. How to create a Triangle Pattern (luxury look) (12 min 51 sec)
  6. How to create a Text/Logo Pattern (21 min 56 sec).
  7. How to create a Luxury Brand Pattern (23 min 16 sec).
  8. How to create Complex Pattern. Special technique (23 min 08 sec).
  9. How to create ANY icon (25 min 18 sec).
  10. How to create Google-style illustrations (46 min 21 sec).
  11. How to create Presentations (1 hr 31 min 58 sec).
  12. Seamless Screenshots for AppStore or Google Play Market (27 min 20 sec).
  13. How to create Adjustment Layers in Figma (13 min 04 sec).
  14. How to create Line Backgrounds for Websites or Presentations (13 min 52 sec).
  15. How to create Golden Text to make your Presentations look more professional and luxurious (8 min 39 sec)
  16. How to create Circular Text for Presentations, Websites, Apps (9 min 52 sec).
  17. How to create professional Logos with Figma (34 min 58 sec).
  18. Mask Text Effect for impressive results. 2 methods (19 min 39 sec).
  19. Embossed and Debossed Text. Bring realism to your digital designs (33 min 36 sec)
  20. How to create Apple-style Glass Effect with Lights and Shadows (9 min 17 sec)
  21. Isometric Text with Depth (9 min 16 sec)
  22. How to create 3D Box Mockup without plugins. Method 1 (25 min 15 sec)
  23. How to create a 3D Box Mockup for Digital Products. Method 2 (13 min 35 sec)

Module 3: Design Secrets for Content Creators (coming soon)

Social Media opened millions of jobs for Content Creators and Designers who help Content Creators. Thousands of $$$. You'll learn how to create professional looking content with Figma in this module. 2 ways this module will help you to succeed: 1. Use it to build you personal brand and 2. Create design for other people and make money

  1. Introduction to the Module 3: Figma for Content Creators (7 min 27 sec). 
  2. How to create a Seamless Instagram Carousel in Figma (13 min 58 sec).
  3. How to add gradient to the text of your posts (12 min 01 sec). 
  4. How to animate text for your Social Media posts (20 min 33 sec).
  5. How to design a Cover for a Youtube Channel (coming soon).
  6. How to design Thumbnails for a Youtube Channel (coming soon).
  7. How to design a Cover for a Linkedin profile (coming soon).
  8. How to use Figma components for Social Media profiles to automate all the changes (coming soon).
  9. How to design media for a Linkedin (coming soon).
  10. How to create PDF-carousels for a Linkedin super easy (coming soon).
  11. How to design a Cover for Twitter (coming soon).
  12. How to create minimalist-style media for Twitter (coming soon).
  13. How to design covers for Instagram Reels (coming soon).
  14. How to create different type of content for Instagram (coming soon).
  15. Digital Products. How to design a product mockup (coming soon)
  16. Digital Products. How to design Testimonials the right way (coming soon)

Module 4: Efficient Web Design with Figma

Web Design can be easy. This module explains what elements a website consists of, and how to design any website professionally and efficiently.

  1. Efficient Web Design with Figma. Introduction (2 min 50 sec). 
  2. Website Anatomy from a Design Perspective (19 min 17 sec).
  3. Webpage Anatomy. The elements every web page consists of (25 min 37 sec).
  4. Efficient Webdesign Mindset and Strategic Thinking (1 hr 08 min 45 sec). 
  5. How to create a Perfect Typography Styleguide for any website (1 hr 17 min 37 sec)
  6. How to create a Perfect Color Styleguide for any website (1 hr 14 min 06 sec).
  7. How to create Effects Styles for Webdesign (1 hr 30 min 39 sec).
  8. How to create Grids and Spacings Styleguide for Webdesign (54 min 52 sec).
  9. Webpage Setup — One of the most important steps in Webdesign (34 min 05 sec).
  10. How to design the first element of a Webpage - Navigation (38 min 41 sec).
  11. How to create Complex Navigation for eCommerce websites (16 min 40 sec).
  12. How to create Dropdown links, improve UX and design UI animations (23 min 16 sec).
  13. How to create Buttons and Links (30 min 51 sec).

12 more lessons coming soon

Module 5: Mobile Apps Pro Secrets