How to Set up a Creator Account to see statistics.

A simple to follow guide on how to set up a creator account to see statistics to your posts, stories and account.


Hey tribe,

I created this guide to show how you can set up a Creator account on Instagram because a creative account allows you to see statistics to your posts and stories and also to chat with other people via DMs easier.

If someone told you that you shouldn't care about numbers, then it wasn't me. Because I think that numbers matter. Numbers of followers, likes, shares, comments, saves, reaches, impressions will help us to improve our posts and, as a result, create even better content that will bring us more followers. 

I don't use the word 'audience' instead of followers because in my opinion if you do everything right, your followers will be your audience. 

So, let's get started.


Public account first.

First of all, change the privacy settings of your account to Public if you have a Private one. It's important because of 2 reasons:

1. To set up a Creative account you have to have Public account;
2. When you have a Private account, the hashtags to your posts work only for those people who follow you.


How to change privacy settings to switch from Private to Public account.

Step 1: Click to the menu icon.


Step 2: Go to Settings.


Step 3: Go to Privacy.


Step 4: Go to Account Privacy.

If you it's already Public (you can see it on the right), then skip this section and go to the next stage "How to setup a Creator's account"


Step 5: Switch off the Private Account.



How to set up a Creator's account.


There are three types of accounts on Instagram: Personal, Creator and Business. 

Personal is the regular account that you get when signing up. 
Creator is the account for those who are going to create lots of content to share it with other people. 
Business is the account for business and people who are going to sell their stuff. 

Creator and Business accounts give you the option to check statistics for posts, stories and your account, but the creator account provides more information that you will need to improve our content to bring more followers to your profile.

Also, first of all, you need to learn how to create content and understand all these numbers in stats.

Set up Creator account


1. Go to Settings


2. Choose Account


3. Click 'Switch to Professional Account'


4. Choose Creator


5. Click 'Next'


6. Select a Category

(you can change it later to anything else)


7. Click Done

(Display category label means that it will be shown below your name on the profile page)


8. Click Skip here

Congratulations! You've set up the Creator account. Now you can see statistics of your posts, stories and account, as well as you will see more options in DMs (Primary and General tab, I will explain these tabs in the course).

Important note: Your posts and profile will start collecting data and showing statistics starting the moment you set up Creator/Business account. 

That's it for today. Don't miss tomorrow's email from me if you want to know the price and date.

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