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Typography course for UX/UI Designers

Master your typography skills and learn everything you need to know about Typography for web design, mobile apps and any digital products to land a job, get clients and become confident in your design and typography skills. 


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Typography Masters™ is the course for UX/UI designers and non-designers where you'll get all the secrets of typography, including the ones nobody talks about.

Just imagine,
How it would feel like after this Typography Course:

  • To be proud of your designs that everyone loves too
  • Your colleagues ask you how you upgraded your skills so quickly
  • You know how to start any design project 
  • You have a structure that will help you significantly cut the time you currently spend on completing your design projects. This means you can take on more projects and earn more or just have more free time for travelling or your family and friends 
  • You forget what revisions are because your designs are accepted from the first time 
  • You look more professional as you can clearly explain your typography decisions to clients or boss
  • You are confident in your decisions and finally don’t feel like an imposter 
  • You have more job opportunities and client requests

You will get it all after the Typography Masters™ course

This course gives you a clear structure and step-by-step guidance on creating professional-looking websites or apps from scratch using just typography. And how to make money from it.

Want to impress your CEO and colleagues?
Need a clear structure of the design process?
Afraid to explain your design decisions to clients?
Want your designs to look professional to charge more $$$?
Get Your Confidence!

After this course, you'll NEVER have problems with typography again.

Does it sound like you?

  • You start working with typography for every project from scratch every time because you don’t have a clear structure on how to achieve the best results fast and efficiently

  • You like designs created by others but when you try to create your design, you think your work doesn’t look professional

  • You spend too much time choosing fonts and font pairs and in the end, you still don’t like or not sure in the result

  • You can’t properly explain your font choice to clients and colleagues, so you feel like an imposter

  • You always keep asking yourself and others if you have chosen the right font, space, sizing, hierarchy

  • When you create designs using only typography, they look too empty or like drafts

  • You feel so discouraged hearing ‘You need to work on typography’ from your peers, followers or colleagues

  • All the typography resources you researched are missing depth, are too generic and don’t give you any practical solutions or examples of how exactly to implement the typography rules in real designs.

As a result, you start thinking: 

"I’m not good enough"

"What will others think about my designs?"

"I won’t find a good job or be paid well as I don’t have a design degree"

"I won’t "make it" as a designer"

"I am not qualified enough to land a good job in this career"

"I have not learnt enough that I can earn from that"

"I feel like an imposter"

"I won’t find clients who are willing to invest in design"

….especially when you need to have the design experience to find a good job. But how can you get experience if you can’t find a job?!

...or when you work with clients, you must explain and prove all your typography choices and present your works to sell them and avoid numerous revisions!

Typography doesn’t need to be so hard and confusing

You don’t have to spend hours working with typography, choosing fonts, sizes, and creating style guides.

You don’t have to suffer from imposter syndrome which prevents you from success and being paid what you’re worth.

You don’t have to learn everything in design before you become qualified enough to work on real projects and earn from them.

You don’t have to be confused on how to make your works look professional so that you can charge more money for them or get a good job or promotion.

All you need is STRUCTURE!
Typography Masters course by alexunderhess
Typography Masters™

Introducing the Typography Course for UX/UI Designers

Your clear structure and step-by-step guidance on how to create a professionally looking website or app from scratch using just typography. And how to make money from it.

This Typography course is designed to bring you from “Where do I start” to “Omg, I love my design and I created it 3 times faster than usual and charged even more for it!”

And all this without wasting time on reading 100500 books, articles and watching YouTube videos but still not having a clear structure.


"This is by far the best course on typography to exist on Earth!

Beyond the basic and advanced typography skills, Alex was sure to inculcate a sense of discipline and ownership to individual learning and growth; all of which guarantee success as long as we put in the necessary efforts!"

Stephanie Tham

Stephanie Tham

UX/UI Designer

Typography Masters™ is for

Designers of all levels, from beginners to senior-level professionals, non-designers who want to transition to UX/UI design or be more efficient in their main career (development, content creation), managers.

Full-time UX/UI designers

You'll impress your boss, colleagues and managers, improve the efficiency and quality of your design process, overcome this imposter syndrome and become confident in your skills to get promotion or a better job. 

UX/UI design Freelancers

You'll improve the quality of your works, start working 10x faster with a clear structure, impress your clients with your professional skills, improve your portfolio to get confidence and more opportunities.


You'll understand how to use typography for your type of work (e.g. content creation, development) to achieve high conversions and results.

Design students

You'll have enough knowledge to find a great job, clients and create professional designs for your portfolio. Real practical knowledge.

This practical Typography Course will change your design approach forever

Before this Typography Course :(

You spend hours choosing fonts and in the end, you’re still not sure if you’ve made the right choice.

You’re not confident in your skills and knowledge, and this imposter syndrome is trying to convince you that you’re not good enough.

You often think that works by other designers are much better than your designs.

You don’t know where you need to start with the design process.

You work with typography intuitively and can’t explain your choices to clients or colleagues so you start feeling that 'you're not enough'.

You think you are not qualified enough to land a good UX/UI design job or get paying clients who see value in design.

You don’t know how to make side income in addition to your freelance and a full-time job.

After this Typography Course :)

You know exactly which fonts to choose for your project, and it takes you less than 5 minutes

You're confident in your typography decisions, design process and results and you know the worth of your work.

You’re proud of your works and everybody loves them too

You know exactly what steps to follow from start to finish in your design process

Your typography choices are backed up by real knowledge and you can clearly explain them to clients and colleagues with confidence

You have enough knowledge and skills supported by practice so that you’re seen as an expert and clients are happy to pay you.

You know 20+ ways to make money knowing typography

It will work for you if you want to:

✦ Start your freelancing journey
✦ Land a UX/UI  job in a great company 
✦ Become a better freelancer 
✦ Start a company or an agency
✦ Work 100% independent
✦ Get a better job or promotion
✦ Get better-paying clients

✦ Earn a side income from design
Build a great portfolio to attract better opportunities
Work more efficiently, spend less time and be confident in your typography choices
Create better experiences for people who use your products/apps

Why Typography is the KEY element

95% of the web is typography

It means that when you know typography, you can design 95% of projects.

Also, research is a necessary part of any website or app design. The research consists of the questions you ask users and clients. When you know what typography REALLY is, you know exactly what questions to ask because the answers to these questions will be the foundation of your design.

So you should start learning typography and it should be your first step if you are just starting in design.

An Airbnb website without typography.


You might have already tried to learn Typography but the resources you found were not helpful at all… They:

  • Had a lot of theory without real-life examples of typography problems and solution
  • Were too generic and basic with no depth
  • Only talked about what Typography is and its importance but never how to properly learn it and use it in your designs
  • Were using too many technical terms without easy explanations that made it hard to properly understand the topic
  • Had no practical value that you could apply to your works immediately
  • Covered only print typography but not typography for websites or mobile apps
  • Didn’t give you any practical homework so that you couldn’t learn how to implement what you’d learned

I don’t want you to waste your time anymore on thousands of books that talk only about print design and never cover typography for websites and mobile apps.


"After this course, I am a completely different designer. Much more knowledgeable and professional in my work. My boss, colleagues and clients have given great feedback about my designs and how much more professional they are now."

Nicolas Ottavis

Nicolas Ottavis

Design & Marketing Specialist

That’s why this Typography Course for UX/UI Designers is DIFFERENT

It will help you to:
  • Get a clear 5-step structure on how to create a professionally looking website or app from scratch using just typography so that you’ll never ask ‘where do I start?’ again. 
  • Understand the real purpose of typography and how to work with it like a pro. It will save you lots of time as you’ll be spending minutes instead of hours choosing the right fonts and font pairs. 
  • Your designs will become more professional and you'll not doubt your typography choices again. 
  • You'll have enough knowledge to find a great job, clients and create professional designs much faster.
  • PRACTICE because you will have homework designed to teach you by doing.
You will also have a community, support and guidance. It will create an atmosphere where success is inevitable.
I won’t only show you the skill, I’ll also show you how to monetize it!


"Today I got my first job as UI/UX designer. They said that they considered me at first because of my typography skills! You are creating typography masters in this course."

Piia Poolak

Piia Poolak

UX/UI Designer

What you get inside of this Typography Course for UX/UI Designers

Main course w/ 9 modules

Including 137 bite-sized high-quality lessons that will guide you from plain text to the final professional-looking project and to the tips on how to present and sell it.

A handy platform

With a personal account so that you can see your progress and can get back to the videos if you want to re-watch them later.

Powerful bonuses

Templates, files and kits to save your time and make your design process super-efficient:
           - 6 Templates
           - 5 swipe-files
           - 6 guides
           - 3 cheat sheets
           - 1 checklist

Slack channel

A community of like-minded people so you can discuss your project and typography decisions with your peers, get guidance or help other people.

Live mastermind calls

Where you can ask your questions and get clear guidance on how to solve your typography problems. It's like having 4 coaching sessions w/ me.

Knowledge base

The library of the step-by-step guides, books, articles, videos, files and other materials so you can dive deeper into typography.

6 powerful templates

That will make your design process 10x faster and more efficient. As simple as drag-n-drop.


in different categories so you will be able to practice your skills: Homepage/Landing pages, Mobile apps, Restaurant eMenus, Checklists, eBooks, Social media posts, Presentations








Homework projects

What's inside. Modules & results


Essential / Premium / VIP

Module 0: Welcome

After this module, you know how to learn to get the maximum out of any educational program and especially out of this course. You set goals and get the motivation to create more professional-looking and stunning works that will bring you to the next financial and career level.

3 lessons / 1 exercise


Essential / Premium / VIP

Module 1: Introduction to Typography

After this module, you understand the importance of typography and now you clearly see the power of it. You know how to improve your designs and the designs of your colleagues and clients. You understand the ways of making money with the knowledge of typography.

8 lessons / 1 bonus


Essential / Premium / VIP

Module 2: Practical typography. Preparation

After this module, you know where to start your project and the first steps of the design process. You know exactly how to prepare the copy to make your working process the most efficient. You understand how to work with Information Architecture like a Pro.

11 lessons / 1 exercise / 7 homework


Essential / Premium / VIP

Module 3: Practical typography. Hierarchy

After this module, you know how to define Visual and Semantic Hierarchy for your project, how to set font sizes and create styleguides. You understand psychology principles that allow achieving the best hierarchy in your design project. You know everything about line height and how to define it for all elements of your design.

14 lessons / 1 exercise / 4 bonuses / 7 homework


Essential / Premium / VIP

Module 4: Grids, layouts and formatting

After this module, you understand how to work with grids, how to create a perfect grid for your website or app. You know how to set up the layouts, how to work and understand vertical and horizontal rhythms. You know exactly how to set spacings between headings and paragraphs and how to work with alignment and whitespace.

14 lessons / 1 exercise / 3 bonuses / 7 homework


Premium / VIP

Module 5: Practical typography. Psychology

After this module, your skill in choosing typefaces for your websites and mobile apps is on the highest level. You know exactly what fonts to choose for Headings, what to choose for paragraphs, buttons and other elements and why. You understand what fonts to avoid in your UX/UI design projects to achieve the best results.

10 lessons / 1 exercise / 2 bonuses / 7 homework


Premium / VIP

Module 6: Font pairing & Adjustments

After this module, you know how to pair fonts. What font pairs work the best for different industries. You know what adjustments to make and how to make them so your design looks stunning, accessible and professional.

14 lessons / 1 exercise / 3 bonuses / 7 homework


Premium / VIP

Module 7: Practical typography. Tips and Secrets

After this module, you know much more about Typography than anyone else. You know how to animate text elements in your designs, how to work with type for SEO. You understand how to break the rules in typography.

17 lessons / 2 bonuses



Module 8: Monetization & Efficiency

After this module, you know how to monetize your skills, get a promotion, how much to charge for your works. You understand how to work with typography for infotainment systems and TV apps. You know 20+ ways of making money with typography.

12 lessons / 2 bonuses

Typography Masters™ Packages



  • Access to 5 modules (69 videos)

  • 14.5+ hours of video lessons

  • Powerful bonuses (kits, templates)

  • 4 practical exercises

  • 21 homework tasks

  • Lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion

  • Knowledge base (swipe files, guides)

  • Slack channel

  • Typography Psychology module

  • Font Pairing & Adjustments module

  • Typography Tips & Secrets module

  • Special Mastermind Live Call

  • Monetization & Efficiency module

  • Homework check

  • 1-hour Private Coaching Call

Secure payment

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  • Access to 8 modules (123 videos)

  • 24+ hours of video lessons

  • Powerful bonuses (kits, templates)

  • 6 practical exercises (with guidance)

  • 39 homework tasks

  • Lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion

  • Knowledge base (swipe files, guides)

  • Slack channel

  • Typography Psychology module

  • Font Pairing & Adjustments module

  • Typography Tips & Secrets module

  • 2 Special Mastermind Live Calls

  • Monetization & Efficiency module

  • Homework check

  • 1-hour Private Coaching Call

Secure payment

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.



  • Access to 9 modules (137 videos)

  • 30+ hours of video lessons

  • Powerful bonuses (kits, templates)

  • 6 practical exercises (with guidance)

  • 39 homework tasks

  • Lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion

  • Knowledge base (swipe files, guides)

  • Slack channel

  • Typography Psychology module

  • Font Pairing & Adjustments module

  • Typography Tips & Secrets module

  • Special Mastermind Live Call

  • Monetization & Efficiency module

  • Homework check

  • 2x 1-hour Private Coaching Call

Secure payment

Payment is processed and secured by Stripe and PayPal by 128bit SSL encrypted payment.



"Readability and legibility lesson was so powerful. After this lesson when I looked back at my work I understood where I made mistakes."

Prashanth Bonela 

Product Designer

About Alexunder Hess, the author of the course

Typography Course for UX/UI Designers by Alexunder Hess
  • A Product designer with over 12 years of hands-on experience in designing websites, apps and other digital products
  • Helped many designers land a job of their dream
  • Helped my students launch their digital products, so they made $100,000 in less than a year
  • The founder of AHDesign Academy, Co-founder of MarketingSyrup Digital Inc.
  • Creator of 12 unique masterclasses and courses that have helped over 900+ students in the past year
  • Designed a typography-based website that made its owner $500,000+ in the first four months
  • Created design of the SEO Pro Chrome extension using just typography. 25000+ people use it every day. One review even says “omg, finally somebody has eyes”
  • Designed a heavy-data mobile app with 3,000,000+ users (for Wargaming)
  • Designed infotainment systems for the biggest car soft providers in the US (iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, Ford)

 What students say about Alexunder’s previous courses and masterclasses: 


"Alex has helped me realize that things that look complicated can be broken down into simple steps. But it can only be done with a great teacher who can explain it so concisely and clearly."

Fatema Zakir

I believe that design changes the world. And I want to be the person who changes the world. That’s why I love design and helping other designers.

Results our students achieved after our previous courses and masterclasses:

  • Promotion at their job
  • Pay raise
  • New job
  • New clients
  • A clear understanding of the design process and the next steps for their career
  • More confidence in their knowledge and skills

Frequently asked questions

Can I find all this information for free?

In the course, I share my unique 5-step technique I haven’t shared anywhere else yet.

Though there’s a lot of information on typography on YouTube, IG and different books, there’s no single resource that will give you everything in one place AND also explains all the technical things in easy steps AND gives you real-life examples and practical homework.

Will I make money after this course?

Yes, absolutely!

After this Typography course, you will look more professional as you’ll be able to clearly explain your typography decisions to clients or bosses. This means you can make more money as you'll get a promotion or more referrals from your current clients.

But note, you need to practice, complete homework and put yourself out there to succeed. Just clicking ‘Enroll’ won’t be enough, I’m not selling magic pills.

Will this course help me to land a job or become a successful freelancer?

Yes, 100%!

Typography knowledge opens so many doors for you. Check the testimonials of this page and you'll see that some students already got a job and clients. 

Will I be able to upgrade my package after the purchase?

Yes, there will be an option to upgrade to a higher plan in the first week of the Course. However, you’ll have to upgrade at the full price if you initially bought the course with a discount, so it’s better to choose the package you want from the beginning.

Can I get a discount or get this course for free?

No, you can’t get this course for free. I don’t work for free (you shouldn’t too). 

Moreover, it’s your accountability. There’s nothing easier than getting a free course and never opening it. I don’t want this for you, it’s time to achieve real results.

You can get a discount while it's available on this page.

Can my company pay for this course?

Yes, it’s possible. 

During the checkout, add your company name, address and VAT number if needed. You will get a receipt of purchase to your email that you can use as proof of payment.

NOTE! We don't provide customized invoices with additional information that your company might need (VAT, another address, etc.), which can't be the reason for money-back. You can provide this information yourself during the checkout process.

Will you show how to use typography for logos, posters?

The knowledge you’ll get in this Typography course will also work for graphic design. But note that the primary goal of this course is to teach typography for the web and apps.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, once you complete all the lessons in this Typography course, you will get a certificate with your name on it no matter what package you chose.

What students say about Typography Masters™ course


"The course gave way more knowledge (not only typography related) than was expected! 11 out of 10 for the course!"

Karina, UX/UI Designer


"My mindset changed and discussions with clients are easier and much more professional"

Daniela Hartmann, UX/UI Designer


"Я покупала курс по типографике от the futur, но при всем моем уважении к Крису До для не-дизайнеров или совсем начинающих он не сильно полезен - годится скорее как общеобразовательная вещь. Но там-то я и поняла всю глубину и важность и типографики)) Еще читала Мюллера-Брокмана, но опять же, осталось много вопросом по части прикладного аспекта, особенно работы в современном мире диджитала. Вот именно практический аспект работы в диджитале и отличает твой Typography Masters курс от всего прочего"

Katerina, UX/UI Designer


"Choosing line heights, letter spacings, using grids etc... I also learnt that the content-first strategy. As you have said in the course if we did not have the content before designing we only concentrate on choosing the colour, implementing elements, choosing hierarchy etc. But I have learnt that content always comes first then design. This has changed the way I design and there is now a certain path that I can follow while designing. My boss is very much impressed by my designs. As I have said before using a grid and choosing correct line heights is the key."

Henry, UX/UI Designer