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A group coaching for Designers who want to improve their skills and mindset to become confident, efficient and influential!

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You might feel lonely on your Design journey, and have nobody to ask for feedback or advice if you do everything right.

You don't have anyone to give you an honest career advice to make your life and communication with clients and managers confident, influential and authoritative

You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, working and working, and nobody is here to help you.

You’re working harder than ever but not getting what you deserve.

You’re facing the same problems with confidence, communication or presentation of your works over and over again. 

You know that you need to change something, but you’re paralyzed by uncertainty, imposter syndrome, and a lack of understanding on what your next step are.

You’ve tried to educate yourself with ebooks, courses, youtube videos, but they don't give answers to YOUR particular case.

You’ve read all the articles. You’ve watched all the Youtube videos. You’ve read all those posts on Instagram and Linkedin. You’ve read all those books from the recommendation lists – but you can’t figure out how to apply any of them to YOUR situation, or you still don't have CLARITY on what you can do today to take your life to the next level.

You are sure that having a mentor would get you unstuck, but you just don’t have the time or money to make that big an investment for 1-on-1 coaching.

Would you be happy to have a mentor who will listen to YOUR situation, that will help YOU solve any problem you face, and give your clarity on What and How to do next?

Say "NO MORE" to

  • Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence
  • Fear of showing off and presenting your designs
  • Lack of knowledge in business and marketing to bring value to your company or clients
  • Fear of making your next step towards the future you want
  • Fear of overdelivering or underdelivering what you promised
  • Lack of understanding of what to charge for your work
  • Procrastination, boredom, lack of motivation
  • Fear of failure and judgement
  • Anxiety, stress, lack of clarity 

They are holding you back from your growth, your financial freedom, your power and success. It's time to change it!

The question is: "Are you ready for changes?"

Imagine your life where you

  • Become visible, profitable, successful and famous
  • Find purpose and get answer to your questions
  • Understand your path and grow in your career, income, and financial freedom
  • Get what you deserve for your hard work
  • Feel motivated, powerful, and confident in your job
  • Become a leader in your niche and industry
  • Unlock your true potential and get freedom from your fears and imposter syndrome
  • Bring your ideas to life and share them without the fear of being criticized but with CONFIDENCE
  • Share your knowledge and launch digital products that make you money
  • Break through the ceilings of your mindset limits
  • Express your knowledge and creativity and impress your clients, managers, and other people
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses to reach success in your career and life

Get support and personalized answers to YOUR questions EVERY week from Alexunder Hess


"I'm making a big career change and I recently made it through a UX design BootCamp.

After that, jumping into the design industry without any real experience still feels pretty overwhelming, but the Pro Group (Coaching Club), with Alexunder's positive energy, outlook and knowledge, now allows me to create a path forward by giving me the right mindset, confidence and understanding to find my way.

It's clear that Alexunder is rooting for all the members to be successful and to reach their goals, it's super fun learning from him!"


Andre Lyons

UX/UI Designer

Build the mindset to grow your career, income and skills


"Your training has been a game changer in my life. I grew so much as a designer and as a person. Your ‘boost your creativity’ and masterclass and e-book on clarity made me realize that I was stuck.

In 2 weeks, I found a new job. They were impressed by my design skills, and I know I owe it to you. The main differentiator came from motion design. That made the wow effect. I am so glad I found your training and again, thank you. You changed not only my career but how I see life in general."

Natacha A. L. Product & Visual Designer

Natacha L

CCO at

Get the answers you need with the group coaching membership

Design Coaching Club


Join the waitlist to be the first in the next cohort

What you get:

  • 4x live sessions with Alexunder Hess each month

  • Answers to YOUR questions
  • Replays of the previous sessions

  • Books, videos recommendations

  • Design, business and marketing advice

  • How to launch your digital products

  • Storytelling secrets

  • Mindset guidance

  • Unique members-only discounts

  • Personal brand and monetization tips

  • Community of like-minded Designers


"One of the best decisions I made this month was joining the Coaching Club! Each session completely brings a lot of enlightenment! Fully recommend it!"


Roger Figueroa 

Product Interaction Designer at Notion Studio


Your Coaching Club host, Alexunder Hess

  • A designer with 15+ years of hands-on experience in designing websites, mobile, TV apps, infotainment systems and Chrome extensions

  • Helped 100+ designers land the job of their dream

  • Product Design Director and Mentor

  • Moved from a third-world country to Canada

  • Helped students grow influnce, build personal brands and launch their digital products

  • Founder of the AH Design Academy with 6000+ students

  • Creator of 14 unique masterclasses and courses

  • During the mentorship program, helped a Fintech Product Designer increase his income from $1,600/month to $10,000/month

  • Helped a client make $500K with a typography-focused website

  • Designed the most used Chrome extension for SEO specialists (SEO Pro)

  • Helped UX/UI and Product Designers from Apple, Google, Amazon, Youtube, Meta and 100+ other companies improve their design and marketing skills

  • Designed a heavy-data mobile app with 3+ mln users (Wargaming)

  • Worked with the biggest car soft providers (Ford, SiriusXM) and media companies (NBC,, iHeartRadio) and designed infotainment systems and TV apps for millions of users

  • Helps UX/UI and Product Designers from all over the world improve their skills and become confident, efficient and successful in their career

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program delivered?

You’ll have 4 Live calls each month. You'll see the schedule on your private account once you join the Coaching Club.

What if I miss the Live session?

All Live sessions will be recorded and available for you any time while you are a member of the Coaching Club.

How much time is required each week?

Our live sessions are a maximum of 2 hours long depending on the number of questions and their complexity.

How long will I have access to all lessons and materials of the Coaching Club?

You will have access to all lessons, live sessions, and replays while you are a member of the Coaching Club.

Who are typical members of the Coaching Club?

Most members are UX/UI and Product designers of different levels, from Junior to Team Leads working in startups, agencies, product companies, and freelancers, small business owners, developers from all over the world.

Is this UX/UI Coaching Club only for UX/UI designers?

The UX/UI Coaching Club is for Product designers, developers, managers, and everyone who wants to overcome creative and money blocks and become confident, efficient and influential in their career.

What is the investment?

Your investment is only $99/month. You can cancel any time.

Do you offer a guarantee or refund?

There are no guarantees or refunds. I can guarantee only what is under my control: I’ll provide you with all the knowledge and tips during our Live sessions, but I can’t control your actions, time and how you will apply the knowledge you’ll get.

You can join the Coaching Club just for a month. And if you feel it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership any time. No hard feelings, it’s your life, and I appreciate your decisions. And if you find that being in the UX/UI Coaching Club, you feel more confident, powerful, that you learn something new, and your life becomes easier, you get clarity on what to do to reach your next level, stay in the Club for as much as you want. You’ll always be welcomed here.

How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

The goal of the Coaching Club is to help you on your journey. We are all professionals here. People from all over the world, of all colours, genders, religions join the Coaching Club and feel welcomed, accepted and respected.

What if I'm nervous about signing up?

Fears and doubts are normal, especially for something new, unfamiliar, and potentially transformative. Please know, that you’re joining a very welcoming, gentle, and compassionate community!

What if I still have questions?

Please email us at support @ Our Customer Care team will be happy to answer your questions.

Get the answers you need with the group coaching membership

Design Coaching Club


Join the waitlist to be the first to join the next cohort

What you get:

  • 4x live sessions with Alexunder Hess each month

  • Replays of the previous sessions

  • Books, videos recommendations

  • Design, business and marketing advice

  • How to launch your digital products

  • Storytelling secrets

  • Mindset guidance

  • Unique members-only discounts

  • Personal brand and monetization tips

  • Community of like-minded UX/UI Designers