About Alexunder Hess

Helping designers improve their skills & monetize their knowledge

I am passionate about helping designers explore the world of User Experience Design through courses, tutorials, masterclasses and videos about Psychology, Design Principles, Motion Design and User Interface Design tricks and secrets.

All these tips will help you work faster and wiser, so you'll be able to monetize your skills, make more money and save your time.

In my arsenal of tools, you can find Figma, Sketch, Invision Studio, Principle, Keynote, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and some more.

I am a multidisciplinary, self-taught designer with a Master's degree in Marketing. In 2008 I switched from front-end development and started my career in design. Since then, I've worked with huge companies like Wargaming, CIBC, iHeartRadio, Entercom, Carnival, SiriusXM, GoodLife and many others.

I can talk about usability, typography, motion design, psychology, marketing and design for hours. This is my absolute passion. And it's supported by successful products I designed for my clients that brought them from thousands of visitors to millions of dollars.

As a result, I want to help others grow in their career and income with the right skills in design and marketing.



Now, it's your turn to jump into the world of fabulous designs & motion graphics. You can find everything you need on this website as well as on my social media accounts.

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