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Typography Masters Course for UX/UI Designers by Alexunder Hess

✦ Typography masters™ ✦ skill number 1

Typography course for UX/UI Designers

Learn how to work with content the right way, define visual hierarchy and grids, choose fonts and font pairs, set sizes and spacings for your web and mobile apps like a Pro.


✦ Next level skill for ux/ui designers

Motion UI Design masterclass

Learn Motion UI design foundations and start creating mindblowing prototypes and animations with Figma or Principle to attract clients and impress colleagues.


✦ Mindset tips ✦ Figma tricks

Boost your creativity & Non-traditional ways of using Figma

Learn to overcome creative blocks, understand where to find ideas for your designs and become a master of effects and secrets of Figma.


✦ Passive income for designers

Start making $1000+/month 

Learn how to make money consistently by writing, designing or selling ebooks.

What students say about AHDesign Academy courses & masterclasses


"Phenomenal! I feel like I took semesters worth of concepts in one go."

Hana Stanojkovic
First Steps in UX/UI design masterclass


"It was amazing! There are a handful of UX classes out there but this is the first that really focused on how to create those designs that we always see but can never seem to figure out."

Neha Saboo
Boost Your Creativity & Non-traditional ways of using Figma


"This is by far the best course on typography to exist on Earth! Beyond the basic and advanced typography skills, Alex was sure to inculcate a sense of discipline and ownership to individual learning and growth; all of which guarantee success as long as we put in the necessary efforts!"

Stephanie Tham
Typography Masters™ course


"After this course, I am a completely different designer. Much more knowledgeable and professional in my work. My boss, colleagues and clients have given great feedback about my designs and how much more professional they are now."

Nicolas Ottavis
Typography Masters™ course


"Today I got my first job as UI/UX designer. They said that they considered me at first because of my typography skills! You are creating typography masters in this course."

Piia Poolak
Typography Masters™ course


"This masterclass is my favourite I've taken so far! I definitely feel much more confident in my skills and I'm just so mind blown that these animations are achievable on Figma! The way you broke everything down and made it so simple and easy to understand - from theory to the fundamental principles of Motion UI Design."

Connie C.
Motion UI Design masterclass


"It gave me a clear understanding, not just about the how, but also the why and when, which is the most important."

Manu N.
Isometric Design masterclass


"It seemed to me that Motion UI design is very complicated. After this class, I got a promotion and a raise."

Pawel W.
Motion UI Design masterclass


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